I Lost My Husband,

Not My Mind!

Author - Kathy Sheppard


Is it possible to lose your husband, mother and brother in one year and not lose your mind?  This book describes an extremely lonely, at times desperate and awesome, journey-a journey of going through grief in search of life after death for the living.

It took every ounce of courage, guts, blood, sweat and tears to face grief. I found I wrestled with it, I ignored it, I yelled at it, I cried about it and I came close to giving up.  But somewhere deep within me I found the strength to battle through my moods, feelings and emotions.  It has been painful for me to review the darkness and daylight of these past years.

This is my story.


About the Author

Kathy Sheppard was born in Boston, Massachusetts.  She is presently living in South Carolina where she and John, her husband, spent most of their married life.
During the year of her husband's death, her mother and her brother also died.  She was trapped in the past, ignoring the present, and fearing the future.  Realizing there are so many hearts like hers - broken by circumstances - Kathy is now using her pain to affect others in a positive way.


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