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Book Kathy Sheppard to Speak
I Lost My Husband, Not My Mind!
...thank you for your great talk on experiencing the Grace of Jesus.  You
gave us so much to think about.  I love how you blended personal stories
and God’s word...Above All Ministries

...tonight has it’s own beauty as you shared this season of your life.  I
know that God will use you as medicine to hearts ripped apart with loss.  
May God continue to bless you...Buncombe Street Methodist

...thank you for sharing with us at Rotary today.  With your honesty and
humor you helped us see, through your eyes, into the world of grief.  
Your passion for helping others came through loud and clear...Rotary

...thank you for sharing your journey with us at The Haven.  What a gift
you have for touching people’s heart.  I know that those present were
inspired by your story...The Haven

...I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to hear you speak at our
Hospice meeting.  I have been dreading the holidays, but you gave me a
lot of ideas that even though I might not be able to do this year – maybe
next.  Even in you, I still saw sadness – thank you for opening your heart
– I heart you too...Hospice of the Upstate

...We sincerely appreciate having the opportunity to hear about your new
book.  I know that so many people gained so much from attending this
program...LifeWise – St. Francis Health System

...in dealing with grieving people everyday, I want to thank you for your
commitment and passion to others who are on the same journey as you.  
You are professional, but compassionate and that means a lot to those
who listen to you...Greenville Memorial Hospital

...your passion and enthusiasm for helping those going through grief is
amazing.  Thank you for sharing your incredible journey with us and
taking the time to speak to each one personally...Senior Action