I Lost My Husband, Not My Mind is a courageous, practical, and delightful
view of one woman’s journey from hurt to hope.  A must-read for anyone
who has ever experienced the death of someone they love.  You will laugh.  
You will cry.  You will find the path to hope.

– Darcie D. Sims, PhD, CHT, CT, GMS; Director of The American Academy of Grief;
author of Why Are the Casseroles Always Tuna? and other books on grief

At one time or another all of us have been affected by tragic loss.  Read
this poignant tale; it will help you heal your wounded heart.

– Evan H. Rhodes, author of The Prince of Central Park, An Army of Children, and The
American Palace Series

I wish there had been a book that addressed loss in such a real and
compassionate way when I lost my husband.  I Lost My Husband, Not My
Mind truly helps you understand that the grief journey is just that–a journey
full of ups, downs, and everywhere in-betweens, and that you are not
crazy, you are human.  With God’s gifts of strength, courage, and
endurance you will survive and find yourself again.

– Cathy Doyle Tate, widow

I Lost My Husband, Not My Mind is a celebration of the growth and insight
coming from Kathy Sheppard, who was thrust suddenly into the abyss of
grief by the death of her husband, mother, and brother.  It helped me (and
I am not grieving) to set some things right within myself.  For someone who
has lost control of her life, to share her journey to emotional, spiritual, and
mental wellness is a gift of love.  

– Victoria Anthony
I Lost My Husband, Not My Mind!