...I am a recent "Widow" - I don't like that word, it's so final. I started crying on page two when I got to the “us, we and
ours.” Thank you for helping me cry...KF

...I have to tell you, when I got your book I had kids here. A couple of days later I sat down one evening to read
"some" of it. I finished at 2:10AM and then was up wired and journaling for the next hour. I immediately thanked our
Heavenly Father for you and your willingness to share. If you went back and looked at some of my journaling and
MANY of my thoughts, etc. you would wonder if it was the same person...CS

...I lost my husband in August of 2002 and your book was one that I couldn't put down (and I do not usually read).
Much of your book, I felt as though I had written the words for you. I too never had the chance to say goodbye and I
was so blessed with a beautiful marriage. I just wanted to say "thank you" for your words of faith and wisdom...TM

...Your book was already a blessing to my friend! She has decided to “not” make a few decisions she was
considering after reading part of your book. Thank you for pouring out your experience on those pages. God used
this in her life. I know God will continue to do so...KM

...I started reading your book and I had to put it down several times to ball my eyes out or laugh hysterically! I finally
get why the turtle means so much to you. When I read your description of how you were feeling and wanting to tuck
away into your shell, I said, “WOW” somebody else gets what I was feeling...NW

...I lost a great, caring, loving father. My mom lost her rock, her cheerleader, her soul mate of 26 years. After reading
your book, I thought initially of my mom. I thought of us, I thought this was just a bad nightmare and I would somehow
wake up in a sweat and daddy would be there. It seems you went through the same feelings, emotions and behaviors
as my mom did and is continuing to do. I am struggling with his loss everyday. Thank you so much for getting the
courage to write such a wonderful book...LD

...I lost my husband May, 1998. I have experienced so many of the things in this book until you would think our minds
were intertwined – thank you for sharing your heart...AJ

...Kathy, not only did you write your book for you and your Ya-Yas but for me too. Your words have given me the
most comfort I have had since I became a widow without warning or good-bye. I plan to read it again. I am sharing
with some of my "widow friends"...VH
Book Remarks
I Lost My Husband, Not My Mind!